Susan Wray

BSc.(Hons). MA


I help people make life-changing shifts

I help individuals who are experiencing stress, anxiety or unexplained chronic pain get their life back on track

I help people to make life-changing shifts – often the things they never believed they could. I can help you to discover the root of what’s been bothering you and how you can change that by enabling you to think better, feel better and be better by channeling your own wealth of inner resources.

Having studied and master a wide range of therapies and a wealth of experience in clinical practice, I’m always thinking about ways we can join up the dots together to help you make a shift.

With 20 years of clinical practice, I have set up clinics on both sides of the world; in Devon, UK and the Whitsunday Coast in Queensland, Australia. By applying a tailor made holistic approach using a combination of techniques including NLP and Hypnotherapy, I have helped hundreds of people regain happiness, empowerment and fulfillment in their lives.

Plucking up the courage to make the initial call can be the most challenging yet best thing you will ever do.


Let’s work together

Let me help you if you’re:

1. In emotional turmoil; life is not going to plan or circumstances have thrown you off course
2. Feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn
3. Struggling with a problem that’s holding you back
4. Suffer from unexplained chronic pain that conventional medicine cannot answer

I can work with you to:

• Understand why you think, feel and behave the way you do.
• Get to the root of your issues fast.
• Learn how to manage your emotions better.
• Feel empowered and in control of your life again.
• Combat anxiety, stress & negative thoughts.
• Gain a new perspective on your life to survive and thrive

For the past 20 years I have never stopped learning about what makes us as humans ‘tick’ and the connection between the mind and body. I found that NLP and hypnosis are the most effective and efficient ways of getting powerful, positive and lasting change.

My driving mission has always been to be an inspiring catalyst sharing my knowledge to empower others.


Clients say:

“By the end of my treatment programme I felt a different individual and all my issues have been addressed.  

My pain levels now, are very, very low. I feel at peace with myself and with the world.

Thank you Sue for the new me”



“I stayed Open Minded and now I’m Pain Free

I am 44 years of age and have experienced severe lower back pain for over 20 years. I am an electrician by trade and before I met and received treatment from Susan, just to get through a day of very light duties only, I was taking 2-3 strong painkillers, plus a daily dose of anti-inflammatory pills.

My first visit with Susan I asked and received a very pleasant gentle massage. During this appointment Susan discussed with me maybe we could get better results not through massage. My thoughts were “Oh yeah, here we go, how can that be”. But as I had been in agony for such a long time, I thought ok, it can’t hurt any more than it is, let’s give it a try.

Susan suggested all I have to do is come back with an ‘open mind’.

“Wow” my life is just about pain free after a few more appointments I’ve learnt to how to rid the pain, without any drugs.

Susan Wray has changed my life and attitudes just through listening and working with her, with an open mind. My opinion is you’d be a fool not to give it a try the ‘Wray Way’.”



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