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I trained with John Sarno, MD whom I met in 2010.

I am licensed in Maryland as a physician and surgeon and have been in private practice since 1991. In that time I have seen thousands of patients of all ages. Previous to becoming a physician, I received an MA in Psychology and Comparative Religion, University of Chicago, and also have extensive training in psychotherapy.

My post-graduate residency, like Dr Sarno, was in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Dr Sarno emphasized the importance of a TMS/ mind body doctor doing a complete physical exam. I have done thousands of these. Often, patients will come in expecting purely physical treatment. Sometimes on exam, I find that they do indeed have physical issues which once treated resolve their problems. However, a large number do not get continued relief. In these patients, taking a careful TMS/ mind body history and with testing, I tell them that their symptoms are generated by the brain and not the body. Then we work together to reprogram their brain so that they become symptom free.

I love doing TMS/ mind body work with patients since I also have a long history of this syndrome and can really relate to them and their journey.

Some patients have both tms and physical issues. When we eliminate the physical ones, then we can exclusively concentrate on the mind body aspect. However, for most patients, this is a small category. I figure that at least 40% have straight tms/mind body issues. These people do extremely well with the treatments which incorporate the very latest understanding in the field.

I also have incorporated other disciplines to help speed the recovery of TMS/ mind body patients. Many of these I have discovered in my related studies and working with patients full-time since 1991. They all augment the TMS/ mind body work of reprogramming the brain, changing negative belief patterns, reducing anxiety and helping people like you to take back their lives.

There is no one way that works for everyone.

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