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I offer an ever-evolving holistic, trauma-sensitive, mindbody approach with you at the centre. My goal is to help you understand the pain and/or mindbody symptoms (e.g. headaches, digestive issues, pelvic pain, anxiety, etc.) you are experiencing from a different perspective. One that incorporates the physical, mental, and emotional components that contribute to the experience of pain and/or mindbody symptoms.

Most people are overly aware of and focussed on the physical components that may be contributing to the pain and/or mindbody symptoms they are experiencing but tend to be quite unaware of the significant impact of the mental and emotional components. The physical, mental and emotional components are interconnected and influence each other. To resolve the pain and/or mindbody symptoms you’re experiencing, you truly need an approach that incorporates the physical, mental, and emotional components.

Some of the tools and techniques I incorporate into sessions, and/or into your daily life, to address the physical, mental, and emotional components are:

–       Autonomic Nervous System Education (ie Polyvagal Theory)

–       Tools to Help you Regulate your Autonomic Nervous System at Home

–       Pain Reprocessing Therapy

–       Hypnotherapy (clinical; parts/inner child work; age, womb and past life regression; direct suggestion to support wiring of new neural pathways/neuroplasticity)

–       Education on How Pain Works

–       Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

–       Manual Lymphatic Drainage

–       Fascial Mobilization

–       Craniosacral Therapy

–       Somatic Exercises

–       and more….

My approach is very different from traditional physiotherapy; however, over the almost 12 years of my clinical practice it is by far the most effective approach I have found to help people manage and resolve the pain and/or mindbody symptoms they are experiencing.

Albert Einstein said it best, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. It’s time to try something different!


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