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I help lgbtqia+ clients use mind-body work to end chronic pain and live lives of freedom. I know, you’ve been in pain for years. I know, it feels like your body’s broken. You’ve tried everything. You’ve gotten your hopes up – again and again. All the cures, all the doctors, all the diets, all the stuff that works for everyone else, it doesn’t work for you. Now, you’re beyond desperate. And you’re open to trying something different, something new.

Well, the new science is clear: your body’s not broken. And we have a mind-body treatment that actually cures chronic pain. I say this with confidence. Firstly, because I know the science – and secondly, because I’ve experienced mind-body healing in my own body too.

Yes, this actually works. And, yes, that means it’ll work for you – as long as we ensure it’s the right treatment for your pain. Here’s the next step: contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation so we can assess your pain and determine if you’re a good fit. For more information, visit my website at

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