Gina Denholm

Gina is an experienced mindbody practitioner with a focus on recovery from chronic anxiety, stress, persistent pain, and depression.

Her compassionate, person-centered approach is shaped by her extensive specialised training and deep lived experience. Gina has a soft spot for those suffering from persistent pain, anxiety and depression because of her own personal experiences.

Gina also has a wealth of knowledge having studied pain and stress illness recovery with pioneers in the field including US Mindbody physician Dr Howard Schubiner, Australian psychotherapist Hal Greenham, Pain Psychology Center founder Alan Gordon and UK physiotherapist and founder of SIRPA, Georgie Oldfield.

Gina’s unique style of mindbody therapy combines three methods: Internal Family Systems (a powerfully transformative, evidence based psychotherapy), Embodied Processing (a bottom-up approach to healing trauma and nervous system dysregulation), and Pain Reprocessing Therapy (the most effective current treatment for chronic pain).

Availability and bookings 

Gina is available for appointments via Zoom
AUD$160 / 50 mins
Please contact her below to arrange an appointment

    Gina Deholm - Freedom from chronic pain