I first went to hear Dr. Schubiner give a talk on TMS in preparation for an upcoming graduate class I was going to be taking related to mind body medicine-never considering it would directly impact me. One of his slides listed about a dozen common disorders linked to TMS and to my surprise I have or had experienced about half of them over the past twenty years. These symptoms came and went and appeared to be totally unrelated including: sciatica, irritable bowel syndrome, GERD, migraines, insomnia and neck/shoulder pain. I made an appointment that night for a consultation with Dr. Schubiner that ended up connecting the dots to a long history of pain and suffering. We discussed major emotional events from my past and then were able to link them one by one to physical symptoms that had seemingly appeared “out of the blue”.

The three workshops that followed were extremely helpful to my understanding of TMS and how to eradicate its hold on my life. I found the writing exercises, meditations and affirmations to be very valuable tools and have seen a significant decrease in my symptoms as a result of them. I recently attended a five-day silent meditation retreat, at which I experienced a reoccurrence of many of my symptoms. At first I responded with anger and fear, but when I went back to the core tools from the workshops, the pain was gone almost instantly. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Schubiner and this program!

Gail C.